About us

Our mission is simple.

We are London based e-commerce store with a difference.



At Shop Top Designs fashion department, we aim to provide our costumers with high quality clothing and  accessories. Our in house created original designs make sure that every product is unique and exclusive to our store. Our mission is to provide premium products at affordable price and focus on sustainability.


Home and interior

We also offer in-house designed home and interior products, as well as sourcing luxury and original products from other makers. This model of dropshipping allows us to offer our costumers a wider range, based on our selection.

Look for the  label on the product page for the products exclusive to us. 



Generative AI policy 

In a rapidly changing online environment, some businesses make use of generative AI for content creation. Our policy does not exclude the use of AI for aiding our work, but this is very specific. Therefore, we feel the need to share this view here.


Much of what this e-store takes pride in are the unique and original products, which are exclusive to us. What makes them so is the artwork and design that is original, in-house created and human created. Therefore, we do not use AI for images, artworks and designs creation - all of this is created solely by humans, fostering our human creativity. This also reflects in the quality of the products we offer under our exclusive brand.


The use we make of generative AI is in the context of product descriptions, which is time saving, and also we think it adds a playful touch. Often that input is revised and adjusted, so ultimately it is a form of collaboration with AI.




* Allow up to 14 business days for your purchase to arrive.

ShopTopDesigns Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Company registration number: 13532027